Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A short break from France to fit in Utopia

Beginning in 1516, the world was painted an image of an ideal society. It was a culture where people lived unanimously and in peace. There was no economic recession or unemployment. Dare I say… a socialist society that succeeded. This picture was constructed by Thomas More, author of the novel, Utopia. Although countries have tried, only More has been able to perfect this society.
After living in Cyprus for 5 months, I have realized that Cyprus is the closest to a Utopia that the world has to offer. There is a homeless population of 0%, crime is unheard of, and Cypriots are more than willing to invite others into their lives (female Cypriots can be a little more selective). There are also many different activities. This includes a city life, beaches, and mountains. Cyprus is a well-rounded country.
I am not claiming that Cyprus is perfect. My wallet has suffered since getting here from the high prices and Cypriots can be the loudest, most distracting people I have ever met. There is also the Greek/Turkish conflict. With this, my “utopian” idea is referring more to the Greek side. Overall, I am thankful that I came to a country that I don’t need to cover my purse with my arm everywhere I walk. I can even walk alone, knowing that I am safe. Being in Cyprus, provides me with hope of restoration.

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  1. What do you think the Cypriots have/are/think/do that has helped them create such a healthy society?