Monday, 17 May 2010

Paris part one

So it's definitely been a long time since I have written in this (sorry about that). Combined with already getting easily distracted, studying abroad has intensified this procrastination. I suppose it may be a good sign. If I were on top of my blog, it may mean I had too much spare time. Throughout this experience, I have had anything but spare time and am glad for that. With that, I have a lot of catching up to do!
One plus to studying in a European country is that I am able to travel, fairly cheaply to other European countries. This provided me with the opportunity to travel outside of Cyprus. After studying French throughout high school, I knew I could not leave without visiting France. It was also the perfect opportunity to follow through with the years long, plans my mom and I had made to explore France together. After looking at my schedule, I decided that the professors would not miss me if I skipped class for a week. So I booked my flight, left school behind, and said “bonjour” to the country I had been missing for four years.
I flew to France with Kristi, my roommate. She was meeting friends there and then taking off to London, while I was with Mom. After stumbling our way through the airport, confused, Kristi and I got on the train. My first experience with Paris was their amazing public transportation system. It’s fast, efficient, and will take you anywhere in the city for only 1.30 Euros. While it was convenient, the train was incredibly confusing for an Alaskan who had stuck with cars, dog sleds, and snow mobiles. (Kidding about the dog sleds and snow mobiles). With all the stairs so switch trains, it was a maze. I was glad to have Kristi, a New Yorker, who had been doing this forever. I am a workout fanatic and would usually love taking all those stairs but not when I have a suitcase that reaches my waist, to carry around with me. Dragging my suitcase up one step at a time, I thought my arms were going to fall off. After reaching the top of the stair case, I had to go down steps to reach the other train. After being under ground for half an hour, we reached the other side of the city. It was ten at night and dark outside. Coming from underground, we see the Eiffel Tower lit up. It was the perfect introduction to Paris.
Kristi’s friend, Yasmin, met us at the exit from the train station. We walked down the brick path to her apartment, where I spent one night before meeting Mom. Since it was late when we got there, we decided to go out for dinner. What I have missed from America is their amazing food. Yes, this includes burgers, waffles, and milkshakes. So instead of getting crepes we went to “America in Paris,” where I got the biggest banana, chocolate chip pancakes since the creation of Denny’s. Thankfully, I was wearing leggings so there was no need to unbutton my jeans as I finished the last bite. After, we went immediately back to the apartment where I passed out for the night.
The next morning I said “bon voyage” to Kristi and her friends, to meet with Mom. Meeting her at the hotel lobby was like a breath of familiarity. I usually see her at spring break anyway, but being across the world makes time spent together seem more valuable. With this, I wanted to take advantage of every day.

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  1. What a sight that must have been - coming up and there, all lit up, the Eiffel Tower! I never got to France; think I will try to do that before I am infirm.