Monday, 17 May 2010

Paris part two

In Paris, Mom and I stayed in the 5th arrondissement, which is renowned as the artistic and intellectual section of Paris (we figured this was the best place for us since we are such intellects!). The 5th arrondissement is along the Seine River. Supposedly, Ernest Hemingway completed works there. It turned out to be close to many historical sites. Arriving there, Mom and I walked around the area. Our first stop was the Notre Dame. For years I have studied the sites I have visited throughout this trip but each one brings the same feelings of shock. It takes me a second to realize I am not staring at a blow up picture from a history book but the real building, painting, or sculpture. It’s something I can touch and even smell. I’m hoping that this sensation never fades because I think that would mean that I don’t appreciate it as much.
What I have always remembered from the Notre Dame in the goblins that protect the cathedral. They distinguish it from any other cathedral. With this, I was more excited to see the outside of the building than the inside. Not only have they been hyped up from school but also the movie, “Hunchback of Notre Dame”. Seeing them, I could imagine them flying from the building. The faces looked fierce and ready to pounce on any oncoming predator. After almost tripping on flower pots and the side walk from staring at the strong walls, combined with walking, Mom and I took our bundle of picture and moved on.
Following this, we walked further around the 5th arrondissement, where the Universit√© la Sorbonne is located, along with the Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens). If you love reading or walking in parks, the Luxembourg Gardens is ideal. Statues line the walkways of Gods, along with members of royalty. Ignoring all shame, I mimicked the statues, while Mom took pictures of me. I couldn’t get her to do it though! There is also a large fountain in the middle of the park with tanners lining the sides. I doubt Marie de Medicis, the widow of King Henry IV, figured that the Palace’s garden she built would be used for tanning centuries later!
After taking a tour of this monumental neighborhood, we went out to eat. I don’t know how Mom was still awake with the major time change that she was suffering through. There were many restaurants close to the hotel and we chose the one that looked the least touristy. I had smoked salmon fettuccini, along with amazing bread that was provided. We both finished all of our food and went back to the hotel where we fell asleep until the next morning.

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  1. What a wonderful day for you two to share!