Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Like Hallmark has made us all know, a few weeks ago was Valentines Day. In America, Valentines Day is celebrated February 14, with chocolate, flowers, and high expectations. While Hallmark has hit Cyprus, their Valentines Day is celebrated in a less romantic way. For Cypriots, Valentines Day is another excuse to party!
In Cyprus, it is tradition for them to have a carnival on Valentines Day. At their carnival, there are no cupids or heart shaped "Be Mine" candies. Instead, Carnival is a town-wide costume party. On this Sunday morning, we were bused down to Limassol, a beach town, to experience carnival. The main attraction is a parade which goes through the middle of town. Not only are there floats and dancers but the food at the stands in A-worthy.
After the parade we explored the beach town. I wore a tie dye wig in the spirit of things proudly! My costume did not compare to the cross-dressing guy wearing a pink skirt or the girl that was a replica of an avatar. Even so, at least I tried!
Miles from the parade, paper confetti trailed the street. I could not take a step down the sidewalk without it sticking to my shoes. It must have taken a dedicated cleaning crew to take care of that!
While Valentines day is celebrated across the world, Cypriots have taken this Hallmark holiday to a new dimension!