Thursday, 20 May 2010

Paris part three

I think I have come across three people in Cyprus that don’t speak English. While this makes it a lot easier for me, there is little motivation to learn Greek. Going to France, I was hoping to be able to stumble through my high school French to get around. One morning, Mom and I went to a café. She ordered her coffee and I attempted to order a hot chocolate. Proudly, I ordered a “froid chocolat”. When I got chocolate milk, I remembered that “froid” is cold and realized why the waiter gave me a confused look at my request. I doubt he gave anyone older than 12 a “froid chocolat”! If I remember one thing besides, “bonjour,” I will remember that “chaud” is actually hot and “froid” is cold.
Besides going to the monuments, we couldn’t leave Paris without going shopping. I was barely properly dressed to window shop at many of the stores. I did manage to find an Audrey Hepburn outfit though! It’s a black dress with a belt. Now I just need big sunglasses!
In Europe I have observed many fashion trends that I am hoping don’t come in style in the states. I am saying this now, but I am guessing, a year from now, I will be wearing the things that I am currently criticizing. One of the trends here are jeans that are the epiteme of mom jeans! They are super baggy at the top and crotch area and continue being bagging down the thigh. Then they suddenly suck in at the calves! I think the pants are confused whether they are skinny jeans or jeans from the 90’s. Not going to lie, I tried a pair on! I did not buy them though.
Going to the Louvre was on the top of my list for the trip. In my mind, I was picturing the Louvre, in the outskirts of Paris, surrounded by trees, squirrels, maybe a monkey –secluded from the city. It turns out that the Louvre was only a walk away from where we were staying. In the Louvre, Mom and I made goals of what we wanted to see. The Mona Lisa and Napoleon’s apartment were on the top of our list. The Mona Lisa was swarmed by a crowd of people. We still managed to take pictures with it. I heard that her eyes follow you, where ever you stand. Sure enough, they do! Right now, I am in the process of apartment searching. It was huge and decorated with elaborate paintings and chandeliers. Do you think I will be able to find an apartment like that in Lakewood under the budget of a college student? Probably not!
We also saw the Arc d’ Triomphe. It is in the center of a multiple lane roundabout. Seeing people at the monument, we could not figure out how to get over there and considered running through the heavy traffic. This idea did not last long! We figured our lives were more important. Eventually, we did make our way over by the tunnel underground (much more logical).
In the area of the Arc d’Triomphe is the Eiffel Tower. Being there, I genuinely felt like I was in Paris. If someone knows only one thing about Paris, it is usually the Eiffel Tower. As if the coffee shops, language, and other historical monuments were not enough, the Eiffel Tower completed the trip.

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