Monday, 1 February 2010

Hello Reality!

Today was my first day of classes. While it has been fun running around, exploring, it will be nice to have a routine. My class tonight was photography and I think it will be an easy A. The professor's name is Nicholas Constantinou. Greeks do not make their names simple! My plan is to look at him and talk. Or maybe I can call him Dr. C. Is that okay past middle school?
He showed us how to focus SLR cameras today. Since not everyone brought one, people took turns using his. Thankfully, I have my own! So I got a chance to be creepy during class and take pictures of everyone. What they don't know won't kill them!
This weekend I will have an amazing opportunity to take pictures! I am going to Egypt with a group of students in the GLS program. We found the nicest eight dollar hostel we could find! I never expected to be able to just spend the weekend in Egypt!

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