Thursday, 11 February 2010

Egypt part two

Since childhood, I have read about the pyramids. School has built up stories of exotic structures that stand solitude from any civilization. In reality, the pyramids are built in the outskirts of Cairo. Some have the privilege to waking up to the Egypt's most famous history only within a few miles of their homes. With this, I pictured myself living in one of these Egyptian homes and every morning opening my blinds to history. Instead I have the Rocky mountains but have no complaints.
At the pyramids, I rode a camel. They are much bigger than I thought they would be! A tour guide rode next to us on a horse and we were hovering over her. My camels name was Moses. Ironically, we were in front. Moses is always leading people through the desert!
In Egypt, people are more fascinated with Americans than in Cyprus. I was asked to get my picture taken with multiple people. This included marriage proposals. One man offered to give me 10,000 Egyptian pounds to marry him. In USD, this is $1,800. To his dismay, I refused.
After the pyramids our group went on a dinner cruise on the Nile. Before the cruise, we were told there would be belly dancing but what we did not expect was a wedding reception. They were enthused to include us in the dancing. The mother was especially attracted to my roommate's, blond hair. She took pictures of our group. The dinner on the Nile was a cultural experience. I was able to interact with the methods of a Muslim wedding.

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  1. What did they serve for dinner? How was the wedding? What a great experience!