Sunday, 24 January 2010

In the beginning...

This is my third day in Cyprus and it has definitely met expectations!
Yesterday we went on a tour of Nicosia. The city is over 5,000 years old. It is split between old city and new city by a Venetian wall. Much of it has been torn down when the Brits occupied Cyprus. Their goal was to develop the town and build roads. Our tour was on the old city side (undeveloped side).
The tour led us to the oldest church in Cyprus. The walls on the inside were decorated with wood carvings plated with gold. Super beautiful and easy to appreciate.
When we were walking out, the call of Allah was on a loudspeaker over Nicosia. Kind of ironic! Nicosia is a border for the Greek and Turkish. Even though we were on the Greek side, we could see the flag of Turkey. From our apartment we have a view of the flag lit into a mountain.
Nightlife in Greece starts late! This is the custom night for young people on the weekend... 9-11 pm dinner, 11-1am bar or coffee, 1-4am club! Either these people just don't sleep or sleep in all day. Last night we went to a club. We did not see any other Americans there! We definitely stood out! We were stared at and Greeks are not subtle at all!
But did you know pepper spray is against the law in all of Europe?! They consider it a weapon. I guess a couple years ago, a girl from my study abroad program got arrested and had to spend a night in jail for it! I guess it's good I didn't bring any!
Goodbye for now! miss you all


  1. But you're from Alaska, so you know how to wrestle a grizzly, slay king salmon, and outrun a moose -- make sure those Greek boys know it!!!!

    Your trip sounds wonderful so far. Doubt I could keep up -- you'd lose me halfway through dinner :)

    We all miss you, too, and can't wait for the next installment. Take care and have fun.

  2. Yeah sounds about right...