Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Cypriot Cuisine

Every Greek person I have met so far has spoken English. This may sound like a good thing but their accents are so deep that sometimes I can't decipher if they are speaking Greek or English. I have never asked "what?" more in my life! When I can't figure out what they are saying, I just smile and say yes. This is dangerous at restaurants but at least I am trying new things!
A few blocks from campus there is a gyro restaurant. Continuing to just nod when I don't understand, I ended up with a gyro filled with fries. Surprisingly, I had no complaints even though the fries were radioactive yellow.
Today, our global semester group went to a cooking class. The chef made raviole, stuffed with halloumi cheese, Keftedes (fried meatballs), and bread, sandwiched with more halloumi. Being American, one of the girls on the GLS program asked how fattening halloumi is compared to other cheeses. The chef answered with a story of a girl who came to him at the end of the semester a couple years ago. She had gained 25 pounds and didn't want to go home because she was a "whale"! haha. The chef asked what she had been eating all semester and she answered halloumi cheese! haha.
The food can't be that awful though because every Cypriot looks good! Leggings are a big deal in America but they are a huge deal in Europe! Girls wear shirts, leggings, with nothing covering their butts. And than they wear boots. I would feel super awkward. And living in a flash back when I was a child and only wore leggings all the time. But I do wear tights again so who knows!


  1. That food that tastes so good can be so bad -- how sad is that?! Just remember that you will be walking A LOT rather than driving and that helps both the legging situation and the weight question. Plus, the fruits, veggies and salads are so good. Walk lots and eat well!

  2. Gee - my first day in Greece, I got my butt squeezed - what's wrong with you? Kidding about the second half! Actually, it scared me.

    One thing is for sure: You Sure Can Write!

    Have fun, fun, fun - your pictures are great.

    Grandma Kay

  3. Hey since you got sick before you left you have some weight to gain back!?! ;) All the food sounds tasty though--I love that you're writing about them know I have an appreciation for it ;) It's funny to hear you explain nodding and saying 'what' a lot, by the time I left Germany my host parents teased me that all I ever said was "ok" ;) Sounds like a great time so far! Enjoy your last weekend before classes start!